Batteries are the power of electromobility

At the heart of automotive revolution

Batteries are the enabler for electromobility. The vision of Samsung SDI is to support
the growth of electrified vehicles by using unique and outstanding technologies.

In our Technology Center in Kalsdorf battery packs for all kinds of electromobility are developed
and tested. The portfolio includes lithium-ion battery packs for 48V micro hybrid vehicles, lithium-ion battery packs for
plug-in-hybrid (PHEV) vehicles, as well as lithium-ion battery packs for battery-electric vehicles (BEV).


12V Battery Pack

By extending the current 12V electrical systems with a lightweight 12V lithium-ion battery, new functions can be realised, which aids compliance with the current and upcoming emission limits. Such enhanced electrical systems offer 
a significantly increased recuperation performance in terms of electrical power
and energy. Samsung SDI's 12V dual batteries are based on Samsung SDI
platform technologies and tailored to customers' requirements.

48V Battery Pack

In addition to the reduction of the emission limits also the number of electrical functions in the vehicles are increasing. This leads to a significantly increased demand for available electrical power and energy. The 48V lithium-ion battery is the heart of the 48V electrical bordnet. It offers a very high electrical power per- formance and available energy. Samsung SDI offers standardised battery packs as well as customised solutions - always based on SDI's 48V system platform.

Battery Pack for PHEV
Today, vehicles equipped with Samsung SDI's plug-in-hybrid battery packs offer an electrical driving range of 50 km. These high-voltage battery packs are highly optimised for functionality and comply with the highest demands of product safety and service availability. Due to the modular design, these plug-in-hybrid battery packs can be modified during the life-cycle to enable enhancements or adaptions even during production phase.
Battery Pack for Battery-Electric Vehicles (BEV)
Samsung SDI offers a broad range of battery packs for BEVs. In order to satisfy the wide-ranging market needs, Samsung SDI is developing battery packs to be installed in vehicles based on electrified platforms as well as battery packs for vehicles initially intended to be equipped with a combustion engine. The modular and scalable multi-functional battery pack concept offers the highest energy densities accompanied by a high degree of cost and weight efficiency.