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Samsung SDI Battery Systems Product Development and Engineering

Product Development

Product Development is responsible for developing the mechanical and electrical design for traction applications, according to automotive standards and processes. Additionally, joining technologies and processes are developed and globally harmonized with the production plant.

The department comprises of the following specialist areas: Battery Design, Project Leader, Joining Technology and Change Management.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Job Platform Management

Platform Development

Our Platform Development Team develops standardized technologies and components for automotive battery systems. Innovative battery designs, as well as functions for future requirements and trends, are developed in collaboration with the following specialist areas of the department: Cell Integration, Advanced Development, System Engineering & Functional Safety, Software and Electronic Hardware.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Product Development and Engineering

Testing, Verification & Validation

As a part of the development process, our Testing, Verification & Validation department is responsible for testing the battery systems, according to the defined product requirements.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Value Engineering

Value Engineering

As the Value Engineering Department, we strive to continuously improve the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of our products, through value engineering methods and tools.

We are engaging with product development teams at all stages of the development process, from concept to implementation.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Job Supply Chain Management​

Supply Chain Management

The task of our Supply Chain Management is to ensure that parts are delivered on time, in the right conditions and in top quality. Our Supply Chain Managers are masters of communication, negotiation and at overcoming supply chain challenges.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Job Industrialization & Production Technology Shop​

Industrialization & Production Technology Shop

Production Technology is responsible for the industrialization of the products we develop onsite. The department bridges the link between product and process development, and is divided into the following areas: Industrialization, Logistics/Material Management, Q-Production, PT-Shop & Maintenance, and Facility Management.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Job IT

Information Technology (IT)

Our IT department manages and develops the entire IT infrastructure, the in-house business systems and IT production systems as well as the company’s network. This ensures efficient daily operations.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Human Resources

Human Resources – People Group

As a center of excellence, we are responsible for all personnel related issues and perceive ourselves as a service partner for employees and managers.

Customer Quality Center & Development Quality​Marketing & Product Management​

Marketing & Product Management

Marketing & Product Management takes care of the overall and global external appearance of SDI BS. The department is the interface to our customers, from the first contact to the finalization of the project or a series production. Product management and product communication are also vital parts of this department.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Job Customer Quality Center & Development Quality​

Customer Quality Center & Development Quality

The Customer Quality Center & Development Quality department makes sure that the organization’s policies, guidelines and procedures are followed, and that safe and reliable products are developed and produced.



The Finance department comprises of accounting and cash management, as well as controlling.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems – Communications

Communications & Employer Branding

The Communications and Employer Branding team delivers daily updates on important topics and serves as a communications hub for Samsung SDI Battery Systems. In addition to communications, the team organizes and hosts numerous events.

Business Process

Business Process manages organizational processes and methods, together with the global interfaces that connect the various SDI locations.This aims to meet internal regulations and policies, as well as all regulatory requirements and customer/stakeholder requirements.


Program Management

The Program Management department takes over our projects after the acquisition phase and manages our project teams.

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Samsung SDI Battery Systems, Silke Schober

“Samsung SDI’s success is based on the know-how of our employees and is therefore also their success. It is important to us to ensure that everyone finds exactly the opportunities they want.”


I think it’s a great opportunity to learn Korean – spoken of course, but also in writing. Nowadays I greet my colleagues from Korea in Korean and try to make small talk with them. I often learn new vocabulary in the process.



Koreanisch Kurs bei Samsung SDI Battery Systems

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In our application process, we place great value on openness. Our recruiting team happily introduces themselves, so you know what to expect.

Das HR-Team bei Samsung SDI Battery Systems in Kalsdorf

Neli & Michaela

What do Neli and Michaela have in common? Their intuition for people. They are both aware that behind every resume, every employment contract and every e-mail is a person. A person with experience, know-how, wishes and needs.

This means that during the recruiting process, it is about you. After all, we want you to come to the job interview feeling positive and welcome, and, ideally, to land your dream job.

Hiring new employees is always a unique experience and should end in a win-win result for all. This is the kind of teamwork we love!