We are shaping the future of electromobility with our automotive battery systems.

State-of-the-art lithium-ion battery systems

in our technology center in Kalsdorf, near Graz.

The battery is at the heart of e-mobility. The focus lies on state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology and its developers to pave a sustainable path into the future.

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Campus
Samsung SDI Battery Systems Geschäftsführung


Our past: the cornerstone for a successful future

As early as 2007, we started developing batteries, with the production of the first series in 2009.

Since 2015, we are a proud part of the Samsung SDI family and in 2022, we moved into our new development, industrialization and test center in Kalsdorf, near Graz.

Our location: a place for ideas and socialising

The modern company building in Kalsdorf, near Graz is not only a center for quality and innovation in the field of battery technology, but also a modern hub for ideas and socializing.

Our claim: the highest quality

At our company, every battery system undergoes a strict quality-check. This begins in the development phase and continues in testing. For us, good is not good enough.

Our certificates:

Sustainability at our location in Kalsdorf, near Graz


A groundwater heat pump provides heating and cooling for the entire building. The wells are located directly on the company premises and ensure minimal interference with nature and a careful use of environmental resources.


Over the next year, a PV system is going to be installed on the roofs of our office and testing buildings.

Charging stations

Sufficient charging stations for e-cars, e-bikes and e-scooters are available in our parking lot.


Battery systems are charged and discharged at our our testing stands, for testing purposes. The discharged energy is not wasted but given back into the grid.

With courage and big steps towards the future:

A future-proof workplace in Kalsdorf, near Graz

At the end of 2022, we moved to our new location in Kalsdorf near Graz. In our new technology center for battery development and testing, around 450 people research, develop and test state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery systems.

Our location consists of a four story office building, one of the most modern testing facilities in Europe, and an extensive prototype shop.

With our new location, we were able to create a place where all employees can come together and work on projects.

We are bringing e-mobility to the road –
a brilliant interplay.

Developing a battery system for hybrid or electric vehicles requires the expertise and commitment of countless fields, in line with our slogan ONE TEAM. ONE GOAL.

Von der Idee zur Zelle – Samsung SDI Battery Systems in Kalsdorf

Packed full of high tech –
our battery systems

We develop, test and industrialize high-performance battery packs for HEV, PHEV and BEV applications. Our packs are tailor-made for our customers’ requirements and specifications. We are responsible for the heart of electromobility: the battery pack.
Samsung SDI Battery Systems Batteriesysteme


We developed the first battery system, which was subsequently also produced in series.

People from around 30 nations

worked with us on the modern
Battery technology.

Two floors of state-of-the-art testing and PT facilities.

450 people

made our vision a reality together.

75 testing channels

for batteries, their components and software testing.

26 benefits

enrich our employees’ daily working lives.

More about Samsung SDI

Just like us, our parent company Samsung SDI stands for future mobility and is a full range supplier of storage cells, battery modules and battery systems for fully electric vehicles, as well as for hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Visit the website of our parent company:

With the passion of our people, we contribute to a sustainable future by creating innovative products and services in e-mobility for our customers.


Samsung SDI Battery Systems Graz Kalsdorf